The Web Accessibility Playbook

A Cheat Sheet for Building and Maintaining Accessible Websites

There are many reasons to improve your website’s accessibility.  Whether motivated by your visitors, attorneys, or your site’s SEO, accessibility can be practical and cost effective.

This white paper provides actionable, easy-to-follow steps that content editors and developers can follow to improve your website’s accessibility.

Download "The Web Accessibility Playbook" to learn:

  • Importance and impact of website accessibility
  • Strategies content editors can implement today
  • New CMS accessibility features in Drupal 8
  • Tips and hacks to jumpstart accessibility in any CMS

Accessibility standards can seem daunting, don’t worry! Remember that web accessibility is a journey, not a destination.

This white paper was developed by our accessibility experts to provide actionable best practices and tactics to improve your website for all of your potential audiences.

Download here:

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