Drupal 8 Architecture Solutions

Architecture Options Explained For Business Stakeholders

Far from being an abstract technical decision, choosing a Drupal CMS architecture has real business implications and should be rooted in long-term goals. But the choice doesn’t have to be intimidating!

Learn how to evaluate Drupal 8 architecture options based on your business objectives.  

Download "Drupal 8 Architecture Solutions" to learn:

  • How Drupal 8 offers businesses greater flexibility 
  • The most popular Drupal architecture solutions
  • How to evaluate each solution based on your business objectives
  • When to avoid certain architecture strategies
  • Why enterprise is moving to decoupled architecture strategies

This whitepaper is based on over 12 years of Drupal platform strategy consulting. Our experts provide the perspective and advice to help you develop the best CMS strategy for your business.

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